Emphatiq Solutions is owned and operated by Lauren Ward and Richard Mazzaferri.

Established in 2013, the company was born out of Lauren and Richard’s combined expertise and experience in business and IT, and shared passion for creating intelligent software solutions for common business problems.

Richard Mazzaferri

Described as a “technical guru” by those who’ve worked with him, Richard has more than 20 years experience as a software architect/developer and technology and patent analyst. Companies he’s worked for include leading software and services company Citrix, internet subscription service Pagaros Folio, and online personalised financial advice company Financial Engines. A critical thinker, innovator and creative problem solver, Richard is the inventor for 28 granted US patents and 10 pending including 10 as sole inventor.

Lauren Ward

Lauren’s area of expertise is IT systems and services. Having worked in, and consulted for, large professional services firms for most of his career, Lauren has a thorough understanding of the needs of service-based organisations and the challenges they face. He is passionate about finding and developing successful solutions to business problems through the use of technology. Lauren’s IT and entrepreneurial flair began early – he wrote his first software during high school.